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Our mission is to assist future and current Theologians in finding the program that best fits their needs. We work diligently to rank and evaluate religious programs, atmospheres and lifestyle choices for our readers. Our goal is to provide relevant information about quality Theology Degree. We evaluate both accredited traditional on-campus degrees programs as well as accredited online degree programs.

Areas of Focus for your Theology Degree

Theology Degrees can cover a wide range of career choices. While career paths differ from person to person, some traditional courses of action include these fields of study:

  • Divinity Studies
  • Pastoral Services
  • Christian Counseling Services

  • Missionary
  • Urban Ministry
  • Charity Work

  • Religious School Teacher
  • Social Work
  • Ministry and Leadership

At Theology Degrees, we are dedicated to providing you with the most resources possible, to achieve your educational goals.

Many students wish to expand their religious perspectives and there are many ways to reach that goal. There are multiple avenues to explore when researching the degree, institution and career path that is right for you. Various levels of education are possible to achieve within the religious school.

Masters Programs

Masters in Religion and Divinity

Students interested in exploring disciplines within theology and religion, that are not seeking to become an ordained minister, may be interested in this field of study.  A masters in religion or divinity may also apply to students who will apply to a PhD program in religion or who would be interested in teaching at a secondary school.

Masters in Theology

Students seeking to obtain a Masters in Theology are working towards a degree that will enable them to lead a church, evangelism project or teach theological subjects in an accredited school. After completion of a masters in Theology, a student would be able to verbalize general knowledge of the Bible, would be able to support evidence of understanding the historical prowess of theology. A student would also be able to decipher Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible.

The Best Online Masters in Theology Degree Programs

Masters in Ministry

Students pursuing a Masters in Ministry degree will receive the training they need to continue to grow in Christian discipleship. Students will be encouraged to grow in their Faith and walk with Christ, as they prepare to lead a congregation of both believers and nonbelievers. Honing your practical ministry skill set, interpreting scripture, growing in leadership skills all will be part of these courses, to make you the most effective pastor.

Masters in Christian Counseling

Students pursuing a Masters in Christian Counseling are seeking an area of specialized ministry,whether employed as an outreach service of the church or working for a church-related agency. Most masters in Christian Counseling degrees meet state by state certification, social work requirements and marriage & family therapist board requirements. Many students feel called to Christian Counseling as an extension of sharing the Gospel and providing guidance from the Bible.

Bachelors Programs

Bachelor’s in Ministry

Obtaining bachelor’s in ministry can be a degree pursued by those wishing to follow multiple career paths. From Christian leadership, missionary work, church administration; any of these careers require a strong base of biblical & theological studies. Students will learn to strengthen their Biblical literacy & interpretation skills; as well as be encouraged to grow in their own Faith; engaging in leading study groups, planning teachings & lessons & keeping their studies centered on Christ.

The Best Online Bachelors in Christian Ministry Degrees

Bachelor’s in Youth Ministry

Those students called to pursue a role in youth ministry are making their priority the youth of a church congregation, local school or small group. With the challenges of society, it is crucial that a youth minister has the skill-set to articulate the bible and its philosophy and how it can pertain to the lifestyle of adolescents today. Students will learn a variety of teaching methods to reach children of various ages, backgrounds and faiths. Students will also learn to organize and administer programming for youth.

Bachelor’s in Religion & Philosophy

A Bachelor’s in Religion will push students through detailed instruction of the fundamental principles of the Bible, Christianity and Theology. Students that are interested in pursuing a degree in Religion will often time feel called to this program. They will be seeking education to expand their Faith and the impact of their faith in society today. A degree in religion will also prepare its students by developing communication skills, preparing them for various professional ministry roles.

The Best Online Theology Programs

Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies

Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies are looking for ways to apply scriptures to their life and ministry. These students will become experts at interpreting Biblical teachings and passages and will be looking for ways to understand complex theology and relay that modern society. Career paths for students with a Biblical Studies degree can be within the church as well as in the world.

The Best Online Religious Studies Degree Programs

Bachelor’s in Media Ministry

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Media Ministry should be able to connect their Faith to their artistic side. Media is one of the most powerful forms of communication in today’s society. Media Ministry students are looking to share and further their religious convictions through music, song, video, photo, acting, etc. Students that are working towards this degree will learn the craft of conviction through various forms.

Associates Programs

Associate of Arts in Christian Leadership

Students interested in pursuing an Associate of Arts in Christian Leadership are looking to begin their faith-based career path. From starting to work in the ministry field or working for a faith-based organization, students will learn how to convert their theological lessons to practical teachings for those they are serving.  During their studies, students will learn basic doctrines of Christian faith, including revelation and The Trinity.

Associate of Arts in Religion

Students working towards their Associate degree in Religion will begin with basic theological and religious studies. They will examine the Bible and work towards a deep understanding of scripture.  Students that pursue an Associates degree in Religion are preparing themselves also to the next step in their education, completing their bachelor’s degree.

Associate of Arts in Christian Counseling

Students interested in obtaining an associate of arts degree in Christian Counseling are looking to prepare themselves to go into a field of service, with faith-based ethics. From mental health areas of focus, to family counseling or advocacy, students will focus on theological ethics to bring to their career. These programs are designed to help students develop their faith and relationship with Christ, as they prepare to serve others.

“Teach a youth about the way he should go; Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are your guide to a religious education!

Theology Degrees is a site dedicated to ranking and exploring the options of Theology-based educational opportunities. Theology reviews and ranks publicly available data and compiles these findings into independent ranking assessments. works diligently to provide unbiased and accurate rankings of various aspects of the faith-based, collegiate experience. Theology Degrees recognizes that no ranking system is perfect, and we encourage that the ratings we publish be used as a guide during the college selection process.

From an Associate of Arts in Christian Leadership, to Religion or even Christian Counseling; we evaluate the top programs around the country. By the same token, many Bachelors degrees are available as well such as; Bachelors in Ministry, Youth Ministry, Religion and Philosophy, Biblical or Media Ministry. If you are looking to continue to expand your educational presence even further, many Masters Degrees are also available with the Theological umbrella. A Masters can be pursued in Divinity, Theology, Ministry or even Christian Counseling.
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