The 20 Best Online Bachelors in Christian Ministry Degrees

td-badge-christianministry_360Becoming a Christian minister is a great option for those who have a passion for Christianity, community, counseling and leadership. Earning a bachelor’s degree in an online learning environment is extremely convenient. You can enjoy flexible hours and not have to deal with commuting to school or classroom. You can earn your degree, receive a valuable education and build your career potential all in one place. If you feel that a career in the ministry is right for you, but you don’t have the time or the resources to make it onto a campus of your choice, then consider these top twenty online bachelor’s degrees for those seeking a career in Christian ministry.

Featured Online Christian Ministry Degree Programs:

The 20 Best Online Bachelors in Christian Ministry were determined using publicly available data about cost and length of the program, a percentage of need met through non-loan financial aid, freshman retention, and completion rates. An additional consideration for US News assessment of the overall strength of online undergraduate programs, alumni assessment of the program and degree, student loan default rates and alumni giving. All programs are accredited by one or both of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

20.) Moody Bible Institute

Christian Ministry Degree Moody BibleThe Moody Bible Institute’s bachelor of science in ministry leadership prepares you to become a trained leader with an ample understanding of theology, spirituality, professionalism and counseling. Being a minister doesn’t only require a biblical understanding of the ministry, but also requires training in organization, missionary, administration and entrepreneurship. The Moody Bible Institute invites all potential leaders to take part in this program so that they can learn to become great counselors and congregation leaders. It helps ministers in training to learn the importance of interpersonal relationships in a church, academic scholarship with a theology base, and intercultural skills.

19.) Warner University

Christian Ministry Degree warnerWarner’s Transformational Christian Ministry training offers a bachelor’s of science for ministers to be in a stimulating educational environment that can be accessed online. You can pursue the degree from the comfort of your home, participating in two sessions that last eight weeks. The number of hours it takes to complete the degree is 12 hours minimum. Most candidates at Warner complete the program within a year and a half. Warner’s bachelor’s of science degree trains candidates into becoming prepared counselors, congregation leaders and professional scholars with a trained knowledge in theology.

18.) Southwestern Assemblies of God

SAGU Lions LogoThe Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) youth and student ministries offers an online degree for candidates seeking an affordable education with an excellent ranking. Admission is accepted on a rolling basis, and for candidates who begin their degree in the summer, they see a 20% discount on tuition. The school is coed and private. The institution has a deeply rooted background in biblical academia and pride on training its students to become knowledgeable leaders in their congregation. The courses range from biblical studies, religious education, elementary education, general studies, psychology and other courses which prepare students to become competent counseling professionals.

17.) Crown College

Christian Ministry Degree crown collegeCrown College’s bachelor’s of science in Christian ministry is an excellent program that helps local church leaders become certified ministers. The program can be pursued and completed entirely online. It prepares candidates to become competent ministers who have a sound training in counseling, leadership, decision-making, diversity and missionary. Students are also trained to take courses in relationship building, as well as marital counseling. Old and New Testament history, college writing and research, public communication, evangelism and missions, administration, globalization and discipleship are all courses that Crown College students are open to taking for a well-rounded training. Students can take Christian Studies core classes to have a proper foundation of theology while pursuing their degree.

16.) Welch College

Welch College Color | StackedThe Welch College bachelor’s of science degree in Christian ministry trains ministers-to-be to become competent in theology, philosophy, and organization. Students can pursue the degree entirely online, and they take courses in outreach, planning, administration, and counseling. Students take courses in grammar, music, lifetime fitness, world literature, Western civilization algebra, marriage, leadership, personal development, and law. Students get a well-rounded training in all aspects of Western culture, history, and Romantic Scholarship. Students also take courses in Christian culture and worldview. The education is designed to make ministers trained professionals in public speaking and graceful delivery.

15.) Dallas Baptist

Christian Ministry Degree dallas baptistThe Dallas Baptist Christian Ministries program is designed to train students online to become excellent congregational leaders, with an in-depth knowledge of biblical, historical, theological and practical studies. The ministers who graduate from Dallas Baptist Christian course not only learn the ways of leading a church with all the organizational and administrative programs. Not only that, students are also taught to stay abreast of 21st-century issues to lead a younger congregation into a brighter future. The curriculum includes theology, psychology, marital education, and administration. Ministers are trained to become leaders who are versatile players in a church.

14.) Toccoa Falls College

Christian Ministry Degree toccoa fallsThe Toccoa Falls College online degree in ministry leadership and youth ministries includes hermeneutics, foundations of spiritual formation, introduction to the New Testament and Old Testament. The degree is designed to turn students into competent ministers who can lead a congregation with a background in Western culture, communications, literature, and psychology. Students also take courses in history and social science so that they could develop a graceful delivery and relevant testimony that combines the universal storytelling with the personal. Students can also take courses on leadership, management, administration, and leadership strategy. Students can take courses in conflict resolution as well in order to become proper counselors.

13.) Liberty University

PrintLiberty University’s Christian Ministries offer core curriculum courses online that are rooted in theology and Christian doctrine. Students can expand their background in biblical studies and history in order to become trained ministers who are willing to serve their church community. Students are also trained in basic skills related to organization, administration, and psychology. Liberty University prepares its ministers-in-training to become competent congregation leaders with a background in Western history and culture, as well as the Bible to become proper preachers and counselors. Leadership and problem-solving skills are also developed through this training.

12.) Point University

Christian Ministry Degree pointPoint University’s Christian ministries bachelor of science degree is designed to prepare students to become trained Christian leaders in the ministry and in their local congregation. Point University’s online degree emphasizes on interpersonal relationships and communications, spiritual growth, personal growth, and the fundamentals of Christianity as a religion. Students study scripture, educational theory, and accounting. Students at Point University are fully trained to become proper counselors who can handle marital issues as well as conflicts. Point University students graduate to become well-trained ministers who can lead their congregation into a brighter future, and their degree can be pursued entirely online.

11.) Hope International University

Christian Ministry Degree hope internationalHope International’s Christian ministries degree can be pursued online for flexible hours. Students can save on resources by not having to commute to campus, and fit their courses into their busy schedule. Whether they are working students or have a family, Hope International allows ministers to pursue their degree online from the comfort of their home. Students take courses in missionary training, counseling, theology, administration, congregation leadership, and conflict resolution. There’s an emphasis on biblical studies and scripture reading at Hope International.

10.) Cornerstone University

Christian Ministry Degree cornerstoneCornerstone’s online ministry leadership degree allows students to pursue their degree completely online. It attracts students who have a passion for their local church and community. Students who pursue an online degree to become a minister are prepared to become servants to their church community, taking on difficult issues ranging from family issues to congregational conflicts. Students are trained in ministry leadership with an emphasis on biblical studies and scripture reading to have a proper fundamental background in the Christian religion.

9.) Oral Roberts University

Christian Ministry Degree oral robertsOral Roberts University has an online degree for students looking for a bachelor of science in Christian ministries. Students who are looking for ways to become a local church community leader to help their congregation will find what they need at Oral Roberts. The program is designed for students who need flexible hours and still want to pursue their studies in Christian ministry. Oral Roberts University emphasizes biblical studies and theology in their degree training. Students can take courses online for the most part but also take courses on campus as needed.

8.) LeTourneau University

Christian Ministry Degree letourneauLeTourneau University’s biblical studies and ministry online degree trains students with a proper foundation in philosophy and theology. Students are oriented to the administration of the ministry, as well as missionary work during their training. Students can fit their program into their busy work schedule from the comfort of their home. The training takes five weeks for each course, and there are 126 credit hours to complete. The courses range from humanities to mathematic education. Students are taught to become trained counselors who can develop leadership skills and problem-solving skills.

7.) Regent University

Christian Ministry Degree regent universityRegent University’s undergraduate degree in Christian ministry is designed to offer students a wide array of courses that will build a strong foundation in theology and biblical studies as well as leadership skills in a ministry. The entire program can be pursued online. The courses are in Christian history, discipleship, ministry administration, and communication, as well as leadership. Students can pursue their entire degree online. The types of careers that Regent University students can pursue range from pastors, children’s or youth group ministry, religious education, human resources profession, and missionary.

6.) Trinity International University

Christian Ministry Degree trinityThe Trinity International University’s Christian ministry trains students to become ministers in their local congregation with training that works on their personal development, personal and interpersonal development and navigating today’s culture through the media. Students are trained to become graceful deliverers of proper testimony and service by connecting universal issues with a subjective point of view. The program is designed to implement philosophy and missionary educational foundation while developing leadership skills. The entire degree can be completed online.

5.) Tabor College

Christian Ministry Degree taborTabor College’s online degree in Christian ministry is for students who have a passion for becoming a Christian minister but require flexible hours. Tabor College fuses academia, global studies, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and theology. The career options that are available to Tabor College graduates include church ministers and non-profit organizations. Students receive a proper education in Christian history and counseling.

4.) Trevecca Nazarene University

Christian Ministry Degree treveccaTrevecca Nazarene’s bachelor of arts degree in Christian ministry can be pursued online. Trevecca Nazarene emphasizes the importance of holistic mentality, missionary vision, leadership skills with a servant attitude, and ministry. Students take away not only interpersonal skills but also an education in theology and Christian history.

3.) Oklahoma Wesleyan University

VertLogo_OutlinesA bachelor of science in ministry and leadership from Oklahoma Wesleyan University can be pursued entirely online. Students are trained to handle responsibilities in the community, outreach, church leadership, and missionary work. The degree is also designed to train students with interpersonal skills and administration.

2.) California Baptist University

Christian Ministry Degree california baptistThe California Baptist in Christian studies is designed to help students become community leaders in their local church with a fundamental training in theology, biblical studies, counseling and interpersonal development. The training is also designed to help students pursue a career in seminary programs and church careers. Studies are also in theology, biblical language, youth ministry, church history, philosophy, pastoral leadership and theology.

1.) Bethel University

Christian Ministry Degree bethelBethel Minnesota’s Christian ministries program is a bachelor of arts degree that can be completed entirely online. Students gain interpersonal skills while also developing their own spiritual growth to become competent congregation leaders. Students who have a passion for their community and church congregation will fit into the program more naturally while gaining knowledge in theology and Christian history.