The 10 Best Christian Conferences of 2017

Conferences offer us the ability to expand our breadth of knowledge and build a stronger personal network. Attending conferences can help an attendee understand a topic from numerous perspectives, thus entailing a new sense of practical thinking. Similarly, Christian conferences are an exceptional method for Christians from all walks of life to learn, worship and grow together. Conferences bring together numerous people, each with a different background and life experience, combining all those people together to solve pressing problems, can result in dynamic solutions. Further, conferences are a great way for students, leaders, men and women to come and learn new strategies for advancing their local churches and ministries. The following list is a complication of such conferences taking place around the United States in 2017.

  • Dates: April 27-29,2017
  • Location: Rockford, IL
  • Cost: Super Early Bird - $99 (Until Feb 2, 2017), Early - $119 (Until Apr 6, 2017), Regular - $139

Women are often the subject of oppression, abuse, and neglect worldwide, and have access to little or no resources to break that cycle. Many organizations worldwide work relentlessly to provide helpless women with the proper to tools to lead a successful life. Therefore, The Original Women’s Conference aims to bring together attendees who will help raise money for oppressed and broken women around the globe. The goal is to have each attendee make a donation to organizations such as Mercy Ministries, ZOE International or Reece’s Rainbow so that the donation can reach women who desperately need to break cycles of oppression.

  • Dates: April 26-28, 2017
  • Location: Atlanta, GA​

The Orange Conference has been specifically designed to include family ministry teams. The goal is to teach attendees how to reach all difference types of church members, ranging from early childhood, elementary school children, middle school children, all the way up to high school and college students. Attendees are introduced to wide range methods such as music, education and other means of outreach, in order to attract members into the ministry. Key speakers include Reggie Joiner, Doug Fields, Kara Powell, Virginia War, Jon Acuff and more!

  • Dates: Feb 27-March 2, 2017
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Cost: Entire event - $600 (member), $700 (non-member)

The NRB Internal Christian Media Convention is the largest gathering of Christian media professionals worldwide. The media plays a vital role in today’s society, so it is important to present such issues through the Christian lenses. Therefore this Christian conference is attended by film producers, directors, bloggers, publisher, authors and social media gurus. The convention provides these attendees with tools to properly convey messages and represent Christianity through media coverage.Attendees are also given insights on how to purchase the best and latest media equipment. Key speakers include R.C. Sproul, Nick Hall, Corbin Bernsen, Ted Baehr, Fred Jacobs and more!

  • Dates: May 30-June 2, 2017
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Cost: Early Bird - $529 (Until Jan 1, 2017), Regular - $599 (Until April 23, 2017), Late - $649

With the modern world becoming increasingly dependent on technology, it is essential for churches to adapt to this new movement. Therefore, the conference aims to provide attendees with tools, software programs, and other resources, in order to aid churches in joining the technological revolution of modern times. Conference presenters are experts in various software programs and work with church leaders to provide specific solutions for any problems the ministry is facing.

Moreover, there will be techs present on-site at the conference to provide one-on-one support and training, to acquaint users with software platforms. Key speakers are to be announced.

  • Dates: November2-4, 2017
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Cost: $159 (individual), $149 (Group of 10+)

The Hillsong Conference seeks to reignite the love of God and passion of Christ is all of its attendees. The gathering has been taking place annually for 30 years and has constantly grown in both innovation and teaching approaches. The conference includes inspirational speeches by renown church leaders, who provide attendees with the proper tools to promote awareness of God in their churches. Also, there are breakout sessions varying in theme, ranging from studying prophetic movements to learning how to manage small businesses.The conference takes place in multiple locations worldwide such as, Sydney, United Kingdom and New York, and has hosted over 30,000 attendees. Key speakers include Craig Groeschel, Jentezen Franklin and more!​

  • Dates: October 16-18, 2017
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Cost: Super Early Bird - $200 (Until Dec 31, 2016), Early - $250 (Until May 31, 2017), Regular - $324

Children are the future of the ministry and church, therefore is it essential to provide them with the resource to become future leaders. The Etch: Family Ministry Conference, is a theological conference, seeking to enable church leaders to more effectively lead children, in order to deepen their interest in religion. Through this conference, parents receive training on how to keep the church, and its core values instilled in children from birth to adulthood. The point is to etch God and theology into the ideals and upbringing of children.

The Family Ministry Conference is extremely family friendly, with programs ranging from preschool ministry to high school ministry. Key speakers include Robby Gallaty, Angie Smith, Eric Mason and more!

  • Dates: September 5-8, 2017
  • Location Orlando, FL
  • Cost: $249 (between 9/12/16-12/31/16), Students - $229​

The Experience Conference bring together some of the most dynamic Christians artists of all time, for a remarkable Christian conference. The conference aims to reignite the attendees’ love and dedications towards the ministry through worship music. Attendees receive coaching on drafting and writing their worship songs. Further, the conference provides attendees with the option of choosing from 70 workshops, all aimed at aiding and networking with ministry members world around.

Also, the conference features three nights of worship, where attendees enjoy healing music, performed by renowned Christian musicians. And Orlando offers the perfect backdrop for this conference, with its divine weather and location, at the Disney Resort. Key speakers include Jason Ingram, Greg Sykes, John Branyan and more!

  • Dates: February 20-23, 2017
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Cost: Early $45, Regular $55 and Children $45

The Children’s Ministry Conference is aimed at providing spiritual guidance for those working in children’s ministries. The conference hopes to provide parents, pastors and community leaders with tools to better educate children in theological matters. Attendees are provided with methods of teaching children about God’s Kingdom and how to strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

Breakout sessions during the conference include group sessions aimed at training attendees to teach children the importance of prayer and necessity of praising God. Key speakers include Mike Bickle and Lenny LaGuardia.

  • Dates: March 30-31, 2017
  • Location: Orange County, CA
  • Cost: Super Early Bird Regular Ticket-$239

The Catalyst Conference is one of the most innovative Christian conferences taking place in the United States. The conference seeks to bring together hard-working church leaders to help them with fine-tuning their leadership skills. Church leaders are trained to improve their communities using combining leadership and worship. Each annual conference has its own theme, this year’s theme being “Uncommon Fellowship.”

As per the theme, the conference aims to end the concept of division and exclusion, which have taken over society. Through providing church leaders the chance to participate in break-out sessions, the conference hopes to instill the idea of community participation. Instead of looking out only for ourselves, we should instead work with others to better our communities, and by default, both our internal and external conditions will improve. Key speakers include Andy Stanley, Brenda Salter McNeil, Tasha Morrison and more!

1. Calvin Symposium on Worship

  • Dates: January 26-28, 2017
  • Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Cost: 3-Day-$270, 2-Day-$180, 1-Day-$90

The Calvin Symposium on Worship is a three-day long faith-based conference that brings together audiences of all backgrounds such as, pastors, theological scholars, religious studies students, and worshippers. The conference aims to unite a diverse group of people so that they may share their life experiences, and ultimately leave a more well-rounded person. The 2017 Symposium theme is titled, “The Faithful Witness: Being Christ’s Church in an Apocalyptic World.”

Therefore, the conference’s breakout sessions will focus on the rise of persecution and political rebellions taking place around the world, and the effect they have on Christians. The conference aims to unite Christians from all walks of life back to their Christian foundations and helping them renew their faith in Christ. Key speakers include James Abbington, Mike Abma, Kevin Adams and more!