The 10 Best Christian Conferences to attend in 2016


Christian conferences are a great way for Christians to assemble for encouragement, education, and worship. Today, more than ever, Christians are reaching out to one another in a spirit of community, in hopes of finding solutions to the problems facing our society. Individuals who are craving this community, and fellowship can often find the answers and the comfort they need at national Christian conferences being held around the country. Christian conferences are organized around many themes with many different types of audiences in mind. This list will point you in the right direction toward some of the best conferences in the country upcoming in 2016.

1. RZIM Presents Seeking Allah Finding Jesus

RZIM presents seeking allah finding Jesus

Date: January 6, 2016
Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Audience: Christians concerned about the impact radical Islam is having on our culture in America.

The activities, agenda and impact that radical Islam is having on our society in America, and in the world as a whole can no longer go ignored by Christians. Even those in the secular world are beginning to question the violence and extremism associated with radical Islam. Some nations across the world are beginning to take actions that would limit the activities of radical Muslims within their country, such as Austria, which has recently forbidden the funding of Islamic religious groups to avoid arming militant factions inside the borders of the country.

Christians know that the only answer to extreme, violent, radical Islam is Christ. Like any other false religion, salvation is the only escape. For Christians to understand how to approach Muslims, it is important that Christians be educated on how to approach the growing Muslim influence. This is the aim and goal of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Summit on Islam. This conference has been designed to help equip Christians with the knowledge they need to understand the perspectives of the Muslims they may encounter. This conference will empower Christians with the knowledge they need to be able to answer Muslims without fear, but rather with wisdom, knowledge and love.

You can learn more about the conference here.

2. The Bravehearted Man

Bravehearted Man Conference

Date: June 10-12, 2016
Location: Ellerslie Campus, Windsor, Colorado

Audience: Christian men

This conference focused Christian men hopes to oppose the feminization of modern society and the devastating impact it has on Christian men. Now, more than ever, men are finding it difficult to chisel out their place in the world. Manly characteristics that were once admired are now demonized, and young men and old are left feeling confused and displaced. The Bravehearted Man Conference is hosted by Ellerslie Ministry and is designed with the purpose in mind to prepare men for battle. The battles in life that must be fought bravely are often lost due to lack of preparation and timidity that is both damaging and unmanly.

By equipping attendees with the skills and boldness they need to contribute fortitude and passion as well as tenacity to their churches and families, Pastor Eric Ludy hopes to bring about a manly revolution in American churches that will impact our nation for years to come. Pastor Eric Ludy is also making this conference available through simulcast for individuals and churches which cannot travel for the live conference in Colorado.

You can learn more about the conference here.

3. Set Apart Girl

Set apart girl conference

Date: June 3-4, 2016
Location: Ellerslie Campus, Windsor, Colorado

Audience: Christian women

The Set Apart Girl Conference is the ladies companion conference to the Bravehearted Man conference hosted by Ellerslie Ministries in Windsor, Colorado. This conference was created to strengthen young women with a desire to influence the world for good. The creators of the conference hope to do this by challenging women to leave behind the trivial and rather heed the call to sacrificial love. It is the hope of Ellerslie Ministries that women will come away from this conference having drawn nearer to God with their whole heart in sincerity and without compromise.

Ellerslie Ministries will be making this conference available by simulcast for those who cannot be in attendance.

You can learn more about the conference here.

4. Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention


Date: April 28-30, 2016
Location: Atlanta, GA

Teach Them Diligently hosts Christian homeschooling conferences in varied locations around the country each year. These conventions are filled with vendors, speakers, sessions and products to assist the homeschooling family on their educational journey. These events specifically cater to Christian homeschooling families and provide a wonderful arena for homeschooling families to connect, learn and create lasting relationships to enrich both the learning experience as well as the social experiences of their children. This unique event welcomes family registration and hosts events targeted at every age group in the family.

You can learn more about the conference here.

5. Refresh: A Conference for Foster and Adoptive Families

refresh Coference

Date: Feb 26-27, 2016
Location: Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, Wash.

Audience: Adoptive and foster families

Fostering and adoption is a huge opportunity for Christians to impact the disadvantaged for Christ. Often, however, the incredible individuals who choose this lifestyle do not receive the support and encouragement they need to accomplish this huge job. Fostering and adopting is not a job to be started lightly and a supportive Christian community is essential to help these families navigate this difficult path.

This conference was organized with the purpose in mind of provided much-needed support, rest and relaxation for these fostering and adoptive heroes. Attending the Refresh conference also earns training credits for individuals who are entering the adoptive/foster care arena as well as support individuals who assist adoptive/fostering families.

You can learn more information about the conference here.

6. National Conference on Youth Ministries

National Conference on Youth Ministries

Date: Jan 4-7, 2016
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Audience: Youth leaders

This unique conference was created with the goal in mind of training and equipping men and women who work with Christian youth.

The general purpose of the National Conference on Youth Ministries has been to provide professional level training for youth ministry leaders across the nation. The National Conference on Youth Ministries is different in that it attempts to train within the following areas each year: informational, inspirational and relational.

Within each of these categories, youth leaders will experience training that relates to real life youth situations and conversations that they will encounter with their youth groups throughout the year. This training is essential to any church wishing to properly equip their youth leaders to impact youth for Christ.

You can learn more information about the conference here.

7. Thrive Conference

Thrive Conference (1)

Date: April 28-30, 2016
Location: Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California

Audience: Pastors and church leaders

For many years, The Thrive Conference has been the go to conference in North America for pastors, assistant pastors, and other church leaders. Here church leaders can find dynamic tools and teaching to help them carry on in their important positions as leaders in their churches and communities. In addition to life-changing speakers and breakout sessions, The Thrive Conference is also a time to relax and connect with other individuals in ministry who understand the unique challenges faced by pastors and church leaders.

The speaker line up for 2016 includes pastors, teachers, artists and Christian athletes who are impacting the world for Christ and taking a stand as Christian leaders. Through their words, wisdom and encouragement, church leaders will go home refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the diverse challenges awaiting them in their roles as church leaders.

You can learn more information about the conference here.

8. North American Christian Convention

Location: Anaheim, CA
Date: July 12-15, 2016

Audience: Church leaders and lay Christians

The North American Christian Convention is one the largest Christian conventions in the U.S. Featuring inspiring main session worship, testimonies, and messages. Leading thinkers and Christian leaders discuss relevant topics for church leaders and members.

Workshops will offer attendees the chance to choose topic specific speakers in chosen areas such as worship arts, financial planning or family ministry.

Many people who attend this conference come back year after year because of the authentic connections they make with other like-minded Christians while attending. The NACC designs this conference with the objective in mind of helping Christians connect, worship and learn together. Programs have been created to involve all members of the family regardless of age. This is truly a family oriented event.

You can learn more about the conference here.

9. The Next Level Conference

The Next Level Conference
Date: February 3-5, 2016
Location: Savannah, GA

Audience: Church leaders

Most Christian leaders remember the passion and drive they experienced at the beginning of their salvation experience or at the beginning of their time of ministry. Your heart is bursting forth with a desire to make a difference and impact the world. However, over time many Christian leaders experience a drag in this enthusiasm. Discouragements, disappointments and just life, in general, can begin to drag us down and negatively impact of work for Christ.

The Next Level Conference is a time of renewal and reawakening for Christian leaders in America. Here you will find the rejuvenation your soul yearns for and the companionship of other church leaders that you so desperately need.

The 2016 line of speakers, events and sessions are specifically designed with the church leader in need of renewal in mind.

You can learn more about the conference here.

10. Survive and Thrive


Date: June 24-25, 2016
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Audience: Christian Single Mothers

This unique conference aims to minister to an often overlooked group in our churches, the single mothers. Single mothers often feel like outsiders who do not belong anywhere in their local church. The Survive and Thrive Conference, hosted by Arise Ministries, hopes to change that during this revolutionary conference.

Speakers are lined up that can directly speak to the specific needs of single Christian mothers. Connecting and bonding with other Christian single mothers is also an essential part of this great conference.

You can learn more about the confernece here.