The 10 Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum Programs


A Christian homeschooling program provides students with the same subjects that are studied in school but integrate Christian values into the material covered. For example, when studying ancient history, courses would include important individuals from the bible that were influential to the Christian movement. Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice which means finding the right curriculum is essential. This can be daunting for the first time homeschooler and even the seasoned homeschooler with all the available programs and resources. How do you decide on which curriculum to use? There are a number of things to consider when deciding on the right homeschooling program. The perfect curriculum will fit your lifestyle and provide your child with the education they need. Most importantly it needs to resonate with you and your child’s needs. To help you decide on which curriculum to pick, we have created a Top Ten of Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum based on the following criteria:

* Is it affordable?
* What grade levels is it intended for?
* Is the program flexible?
* Is parent support available?
* Is it a comprehensive program or one subject?
* Are supplementary resources available?

10. Bob Jones University


Bob Jones University is dedicated to Christian education. Christian educators are supported through textbooks and materials that instill a biblical worldview, are academically rigorous, encourage critical thinking and use technology solutions for parental support. Students are introduced to content appropriate for their academic level. The content learned helps students learn to analyze, evaluate and to create. In order to provide a rigorous program, the textbook writer’s extensively researched educational practices, scope and sequence, and appropriate academic standards. The material contains descriptive text and asks questions to promote thinking. Media such as photos, illustrations, maps, and charts are utilized to promote a deeper understanding of topics covered. Teacher editions provide parents with clear instructions.



In 1984, Carole Thaxton and Jessica Hulcy wrote KONOS, a bible based unit study curriculum. The name of the program is derived from the Greek word for cone. An inverted cone is used to symbolize God at the top of all creation and knowledge. It represents God as the apex of life overseeing all things. The program’s goals are to teach children in Godly character, to create a true love of learning, to be a family, to achieve academic excellence and to allow parents to be master teachers of their children. The program focuses on character traits, hands-on activities, integration of all subjects. It provides parents with years of teaching experience from seminars, videos, articles and speeches. KONOS can be described as “using the entire library as a textbook and the whole world as its curriculum.” The program is intended for multi-level learning to help create strong sibling bonds.

8. A World of Adventure


A World of Adventure brings the past to life by allowing students to experience customs from long ago. Students meet characters that lived long ago. Students can step back into the time of pyramids and pharaohs, erupting volcanoes, knights and castles as well as the Olympic Games. The first volume includes 180 days of lesson plans for grades 4 to 8. Supplementary materials for students in kindergarten through third are available. There are six history based units that integrate all subjects except mathematics. Each unit contains 30 days of lesson plans that correlate with six time periods including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation and Age of Exploration. The program must be completed in chronological order.

7. Switched on Schoolhouse by Alpha Omega Publications


Switched on Schoolhouse is a computer-based comprehensive Christian curriculum for grades third to twelfth. The program offers an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments. The King James Version and the New American Standard Bible allow for a variety of biblical material to be covered. The bible curriculum covers seven themes which include Theology, Attributes of God, and Biblical Literature, Biblical geography, Christian growth, Christian evidence and a special focus on each grade level. History is taught by reviewing the record of man and his relationship with God. World and American geography are covered as one of the six major themes. Other themes include World, American and Religious History as well as Government, Citizenship, Economics and Social Studies. A variety of electives are available including British Literature, Business Computer Information, Civics, The Civil War, Elementary Spanish, Essentials of Math, French 1 and 2. Features include automatic grading, quick installation, daily work report and up-to-date information. Placement tests are available.

6. Veritas Press


Veritas Press believes classical Christian education is the best way to educate children. Children are taught where they are developmentally so that they may fall in love with learning. Coursework is available in self-pace format and through an online school. Grade levels include kindergarten through twelfth. Subject matter includes art, Bible, composition, geography, grammar, Greek, history, Latin, literature, logic, math, music, reading and science. Veritas has been a leader in Christian education for almost 20 years. They are one of the oldest accredited online classical Christian schools available. The program offers students the foundation and building blocks needed to be ready for college and life. Online resources include discussion groups, curriculum guides, and instructional videos. A certification and diploma program is available.

5. Five in a Row


Five in a Row is perfect for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learns and teachers. The program consists of a variety of lessons and activities which have been organized to easily fit your schedule for the day. Teaching preparation can be as little as five minutes! Parents are provided with everything they need to teach effectively. This includes pronunciation guides, background information on history, geography, art and science lessons as well as facts, figures and activity suggestions. The program was created by Jane Claire Lambert, a homeschooling parent with over 17 years of experience. To begin teaching, simply choose one of the seventy books in the program and find the corresponding lesson plan. Read the story every day for a week and utilize the suggestions in the teacher guide to lead your children into an amazing learning experience and adventure. Five in a row is made up of four manuals. Volumes 1-3 have units written on the same level and can be used in any order. Volume 4 unites are more difficult and may cover more challenging topics and should be covered in two week periods. The program covers social studies, geography, language arts, applied math, science and art through the seventy unit studies. There is also a cook book and a Christian Character and Bible Supplement.

4. LIFEPAC by Alpha Omega Publications


LIFEPAC by Alpha Omega Publications is a Christian homeschool curriculum for grades kindergarten through high school. The program was designed by a team of experts with years of experience teaching in a classroom setting. LIFEPAC is based on mastery learning. Students must complete each unit before starting the next. There are ten work texts for each grade level which provides one full year of learning. Most students can complete one workbook between three to four weeks.

3. Classical Conversations


Classical Conversations provides homeschooling parents the support they need to help their children cultivate a love of learning through the Christian worldview of fellowship with other families. The three key concepts of Classical Conversations are classical, Christian and community. The classical education is suited for a child’s natural learning style. It divides the learning process into three categories: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. During the grammar stage, children devour facts while in the dialectic stage students ask many questions to sort out and evaluate the facts they have learned. In the rhetoric stage, adolescents synthesize their knowledge and apply it. The program is based on the Bible and teaches all subjects as though God is the author and creator of each subject. Each subject is intended to inform the students about the true nature of God and to establish an understanding of God. Parents and students are able to connect with fellow learners through communities established throughout the United States and several countries. These communities provide encouragement, fellowship and accountability. Parents may attend a three-day summer conference to learn how to use the program efficiently and effectively. These conferences are called Parent Practicums because parents are taught subjects like math, Latin and logic. These conferences are free and open to anyone interested in the program. Additional online support is available to parents interested in becoming tutors. The program has a complete online bookstore, online forums, video tutorials and downloadable resources. Post graduating advising is available for parents of graduating high schoolers.

2. Sonlight


Sonlight is a Christian-centered curriculum that uses literature-based learning to help educate children from the perspective of God’s love and truth. The program is parent-directed and allows for plenty of parent-child interaction. Engaging activities include reading books and opportunities to develop open communication through discussion. Sonlight helps parents establish themselves as a source of wisdom and direction. Sonlight nurtures family relationships by providing numerous pictures and stories revolving around family. Full grade level packages from preschool to high school are offered. College preparatory courses and placement tests are available. The program comes with an easy-to-use Instructor’s guide to help guide parents as they teach their children. All subjects needed are included in the curriculum packages. Elective kits such as science and piano lessons can be purchased. Each program comes with a full schedule, discussion questions and complete lesson plans.

Our number one choice is Abeka. Abeka is a comprehensive Christian curriculum which provides parents and students with numerous options for their educational needs. The program offers parent support through answer keys, daily lesson plans, placement tests, automatic grading, and transcripts. Students may choose from a wide range of electives to add-on to their core subjects.

1. Abeka


Over the past forty years, Abeka has been refined to become a comprehensive curriculum intended for home use through engaging textbooks. Curriculum comes with easy-to-follow lesson plans. Free online resources are available to parents. Programs are available from preschool to high school. Courses available include art, bible, foreign language, health, language arts, math, music, science, spelling, writing, penmanship and more. Parents may also utilize Abeka Academy, an accredited online program to further their children’s’ studies. The virtual school provides report cards and keeps transcripts. Other features include tests, textbooks, quizzes, keys, videos and daily lesson plans. Previous work determines grade level placement. After each grading period, students receive evaluations and report cards. High school students receive a diploma acknowledging completion of course requirements needed for graduation. An annual graduation ceremony is held for graduating students. Students receive one transcript free of charge.