The Top 10 Best Christmas Movies for Christians

Family movie time is a wonderful way to enjoy the holiday season. This is our list of the Top 10 Best Christmas movies for Christians. These movies will be sure to show you the true meaning of Christmas and what really matters this time of year. Most of these movies have a Christian message in them that will leave you feeling delighted. Grab a hot drink and a cozy blanket and enjoy these wonderful Christmas movies by the fire.

10. Saving Christmas 

Saving Christmas is a Christmas movie that came out in 2014 and it is starring Kirk Cameron. This movie is about Kirk explaining to his brother Christian that Christ still is in the Christmas holiday. His brother feels that Christ and the true meaning of Christmas has been left out of many family traditions. The main goal for this film is to point out several traditions that were originally created with Christ in mind. Watch Saving Christmas to see if Kirk was able to show his brother that Christ still is in Christmas. 

9. Angles in the Snow

Angles in the Snow is about the Montgomery family and how they chose to celebrate Christmas in a newly built cabin in the middle of nowhere. The father says that he wanted to spend Christmas there so he could reconnect with his family but his family knows that he had other motives for this unexpected vacation. The Tucker family comes into the picture when their car spins off the road. They are able to bring happiness and joy into the lives of the Montgomery family and they are about to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

8. The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas is a movie based around a true story. The movie actually takes place around Halloween. The main character Megan Walsh finds that many people in her neighborhood decorated for Christmas instead of Halloween. She finds that her neighbors are trying to bring Christmas to a sick little boy who is dying from a serious illness. Through this journey Megan finds the true meaning of Christmas and what is truly important in life.

7. Christmas Ranch 

Christmas Ranch is a feel good Christmas movie that tells the story of a sixteen-year-old girl. She is upset that her parents sent her to spend the Christmas holiday at her grandparent’s horse ranch. At first she is a little bit rebellious because she was angry about the situation but she then starts to fall in love with the ranch. She spends the rest of the movie trying to save the family ranch from foreclosure. Watch and see if she was successful in helping her grandparents keep the horse ranch that she has now grown to love.

6. Christmas Grace

This movie will take you on a journey between two different toy store companies. One of the toy stores is owned by a young and honest man named Gary. This brings us to the second much bigger toy store that is owned by Mr. Tollman. Mr. Tollman wants to crush the competition so that his toy store will grow even more. As you watch this movie you will be able to see that Gods work is being done to impact the lives of these store owners in a very interesting way.

5. The Star of Bethlehem 

The Star of Bethlehem focuses on the Bible verse Matthew 2:2 which says “We saw His Star in the east and we have come to worship Him.” The Star of Bethlehem is a documentary that takes you through the journey of the three wise men. You will be able to see the different scientific elements that they used to help them follow the star that lead them to where the young Savior was after his birth.

4. Christmas Shoes 

Christmas Shoes has many different plot lines going on throughout the course of the film. The most compelling is about a Woman named Maggie who has a terminal illness and needs a heart transplant. She has a young son named Nathan and as you can imagine he is having a hard time coping with the fact that his mother will never get better. Nathan knows his mother loves to dance so he sets out to save enough money to buy her these beautiful shoes that he knows she will love. Watch to see if Nathan is able to save up enough money to get his mother the shoes before it is too late.

3. November Christmas 

November Christmas is about a young girl with a serious illness that doctors are not sure that she will be able to ever recover from. The little girls wish is to see snow for the first time because of a snow globe that her father had given her. During the course of the movie her small town tries to bring Christmas to her early because they are not sure that she will be able to make it until Christmas. Watch November Christmas to see if the little girl gets her wish of seeing snow and if she is able to overcome this illness that has burdened her for so long.

2. The Ultimate Gift 

The Ultimate Gift is about Jason Stevens a guy who was left money by his wealthy grandfather that he did not really have much contact with. Jason has to complete a dozen different tasks before he would be able to collect the one hundred million dollars that was left to him. During the course of the movie we see Jason try to figure out what his grandfather actually wanted him to complete. He meets a lot of people along the way and they all help him become a better person. Watch the Ultimate Gift to see if Jason is able to complete the tasks and get the money from his grandfather.

1. The Nativity 

The Nativity starts out before Mary and Joseph are even Married. You will be able to watch their journey and how their story unfolds leading up to the Birth of Jesus. This movie also outlines the conversation that Mary had with the angel Gabriel when he told her that she will become pregnant with the son of God and she will call him Jesus. The Nativity will take you on the epic four-week journey to Bethlehem that Mary and Joseph went on as they prepared for the Birth of Jesus.