Can I Get a Bachelor of Theology Degree Online?

There are many ways to get an online bachelor of theology degree as long as the program has proper accreditation. These degrees should have ecclesiastical and either regional or national academic endorsements. Below introduces everything you need to know about earning this beneficial degree online.

Why Accreditation Matters

Accrediting bodies and agencies ensure that colleges and universities meet strict academic standards regarding degree programs, faculty licensure, administration processes, student support and curriculum content. This kind of program approval ensures that any classes taken and degrees earned through the university will be accepted by other recognized higher learning institutions. These same universities will be eligible to participate in state and federal educational programs like military, corporate and government tuition programs. Thus, any college credits and degrees earned through an approved program will be recognized by the military, industry organizations and government bodies. Examples of private, national organizations that only approve specific degrees include the American Psychological Association (APA), the Council for Accrediting Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and the National Council for Accrediting of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Potential Coursework

A bachelor of theology degree online may include classes with titles like church ministry, Christian evangelism and personal discipleship. A class on the history of the Christian church may cover ancient, medieval, renaissance, 18th century and current events, trends and theories. Classes on Bible principles may teach students how to understand and apply effective theological practices for mentors, educators and leaders. Students may be given opportunities to observe and apply these principles in church groups and classes. Classes on Bible-based teaching may explore learning theories, teaching preparation, church curriculum, environment characteristics and teaching techniques in order to become effective educators. Biblical archaeology classes will help students acquire a working knowledge of standard archaeological tools and terminology. Students will become familiar with archaeological excavation methods, specific biblical periods and historical backgrounds of key archaeological sites.

Possible Minors

Many online bachelors of theology degrees may come with possible minors. For example, a Biblical Literature minor will create an understanding of historical scripture. Students will understand key themes, persons, events and passages of the canon. A pastoral ministry minor will help students develop an understanding of the roles of pastors, church leadership challenges and common issues in community programs and ministries. This minor will emphasize the many areas of responsibility that a pastor must balance. Similar to this minor, a ministry or Christian leadership concentration will explore the biblical and theological foundations of direction. Students will learn how secular-based theories of leadership, such as innate power and personality traits, are actually limited. A leadership minor will be rooted in biblical facts, ethical decision making, personal development and theological responsibilities. Other potential minors include clergy, chaplaincy, mission work, Biblical studies, church ministries and Christian counseling.

As an alternative, an online bachelor of theology degree may offer interdisciplinary or dual degree programs that include secular minors, like education, psychology, social services and communication. As long as the degree program has proper accreditation, an online degree will be worthwhile and beneficial.

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