Can I Get a Master of Divinity Degree Online?

Many Christian colleges offer Master of Divinity degree programs because they are the ideal choice for aspiring pastors, church leaders and ministry administrators. This degree focuses on the interpretive models, theological theories and ministry aspects of modern practices, worship and organizations. You can read about the career and salary information for this degree here.

What Will This Degree Teach Me?

A Master’s of Divinity degree will hone your leadership instincts and cultivate your knowledge. Your curriculum will integrate discipleship practices together, such as prayer, worship, mission and Christian community, to create holistic world views. Students will be prepared to resourcefully respond to personal callings, congregational needs and community needs. Many programs encourage students to pursue both traditional theological paths, such as formal preaching, and alternative vocations, such as a social worker and non-licensed counselor.

You will gain access to spiritual scholarship, exposure to biblical grounding and mentoring through faculty who are leading scholars in their disciplines. A Master’s of Divinity degree will strive to integrate discipleship training with practical applications and real-world examples. These programs will globally, spiritually, personally and theologically challenge you and develop your character. You will be taught to meditatively reflect on biblical, historical and constructive truths and perspectives.

What are the Degree Outcomes and Objectives?

Master’s of Divinity degrees will help students gain spiritual growth as they become wholehearted disciples of God. Students will adopt practices of the Christian faith, such as nourishment by the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit, that will guide them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Graduates will demonstrate noble character and behavior that is defined by spiritual maturity, emotional well-being and relationship discernment.

Degree graduates will be able to clearly articulate biblical facts and exhibit a strong awareness of the history of the Christian church. This will allow students to respectfully engage with alternative spiritual beliefs, cultural values and religious traditions. From a technical standpoint, graduates will understand biblical contents, peoples, history, languages and geography. Graduates will gain linguistic and grammatical acuity in reading and understanding the original texts of the New and Old Testaments.

What are My Degree Concentration Options?

An online Master’s of Divinity degree program will most likely come in different flavors and choices. When you select an appropriate area of emphasis, you will benefit from the rich knowledge that comes from interdisciplinary pursuits. Degree specializations are an excellent way to diversify your future career choices. For example, a biblical language concentration will teach students the foundational tools to understand the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament. This degree is perfect for anyone who wants to pursue an academic or research career.

An international development specialization prepares students to impact spiritual sustainability, grassroots movements and social change around the globe. Students learn about rural and urban ministry tools and processes to attack the systemic issues underlying poverty, injustice and suffering. Graduates will develop a biblical understanding of poverty, globalization and social problems in order to adopt different approaches to community transformation.

Most master of Divinity degree programs will offer mentored ministry opportunities. This means that students will have chances to work with an experienced professional who will help them apply insights from the classroom to real-life situations. External projects and faculty-peer interaction is the best way to bring relevant ministry issues to the classroom.

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