Can I Get a Master’s in Theology Degree Online?

There are many opportunities to earn a Master’s in Theology online because this degree is perfect for distance learning platforms. This degree will provide students with a quality theological education to support the demands of home, work, community and ministry. These degrees are designed to equip students with ministry competency, leadership skills, biblical knowledge and theological understanding so that they can confidently and effectively serve others in a variety of ministry positions.

Program Outcomes

An online graduate degree in theology will build a solid foundation for religious leadership. Most programs find a proper balance between biblical research, theological study and ministry skill development. Students are trained and encouraged to carefully interpret scriptures, effectively proclaim doctrine, engage in disciple-making activities and empower others through motivation and education. Students are taught to act with theological conviction, view spiritual formation as a lifelong journey and use original languages to study biblical texts.

Assignments often focus on cultivating practical skills for the field and applying religious texts to local contexts and personal problems. Students will analyze, investigate and demonstrate an understanding of how psychology, social conditioning, cultural influences and diverse environments impact spirituality and religion. The faculty will most likely have high academic degrees, significant ministry training and ample mission experience.

Theology Degree Specializations

Online theology students may choose from many different specializations. For example, a Master of Theology in Biblical Studies prepares students to become leaders in local churches and parachurch ministries. This degree program provides a solid foundation in the Christian faith through the exploration of specific scriptures and key concepts. This degree is ideal for aspiring pastors, missionaries and Christian educators. A Christian apologetics specialization provides advanced courses in history, theology, research and the bible.

Graduates of this degree program will be able to rationally and honestly defend the Christian faith in a ministry context. A Church history concentration studies the development and transformation of Christian theology, classical values, branch reformation and cultural trends. This degree is well-suited for academics and lay ministry staff. A ministry specialization prepares students for careers as pastoral leaders and congregational preachers.

The Master of Theology

This general online degree equips students to address difficult issues facing society from a biblical worldview. Students explore topics like eschatology, Christian ethics, ancient doctrine, divine manifestation. The development of a strong foundation in Christian thought and theology prepares graduates to serve others in a myriad of Christian settings. Classes in salvation history help students understand God’s plan, creation and the second coming. Students read comparative primary texts, ask historical questions and learn how to evangelize others.

Classes that teach about the Gospels examines the son of God’s life and mission. The synoptic gospels and the Book of Acts are the true foundation of both first-century and modern Christianity. Students learn insights from historical research and gain a deeper understanding of historical events, characters, countries and doctrines. Classes on ancient evangelization explore the spread and growth of Christian theology from the Middle East to diverse countries. Students may be shocked to learn that the first Christian country in the world was actually Armenia.

A Master’s in Theology should have regionally accreditation and recognition through national Christian organizations. The U.S. Department of Education provides a useful list of accrediting bodies here, such as the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission.

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