How Do I Become a Missionary?

Passing a missionary accreditation program is a great step to being a valuable ambassador of Christ. You get the chance to invite others to come to Christ and help them restore their faith in salvation. However, there is more involved than just declaring your intention in missionary work. These guidelines will help you know what to consider.

Self Evaluation

The fact that you can stand on a pulpit and preach eloquently does not mean you can make a perfect missionary. Mission work comes with a lot of things that can take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. The working hours are not 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the living conditions are not that good. Hence, you need to be mentally and physically prepared for the possible challenges. Examine yourself and decide whether you truly feel the divine calling to do mission work. You need to place value on the outcome of the mission rather than your comfort. If you are not ready to compromise your comfort, then think otherwise.

Choose an Organization That Interests You

Do some research on missionary organizations in your area and choose the one that pleases you. However, you need to check if you are qualified to become one of the missionaries there. Every organization has its own methodology used to select suitable candidates. Catholics, Protestants and Adventists will use a different method. Same applies to Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Choose one that matches your beliefs. Contact the organization to know more about age, physical and psychological requirements.

Set Up Interviews

You must form an application portfolio and schedule interviews with the organizations you want to work with. Come up with a complete resume and personal essays. Put more effort on the essay as it will highlight your reason for wanting to be one of the missionaries in the organization. Be honest about your mission goals and faith to convince the reviewers.

Apply for Training

Training is part of the formal steps to becoming a qualified missionary. Training equips you will the skills and knowledge you require to administer to people and bring them to the Lord. Some missionary organizations will require you to have a diploma or degree from a reputable institution. Others prefer special training sessions for their candidates. Special training is more advanced than Bible schools and mainly involves practical elements. You may also be trained on language if you are going to minister to people who speak another dialect.

Prepare Yourself

Read missionary books to learn more about life in the field. You will be empowered by men and women who went through trials of faith to succeed in mission work. Read about the place you will be working in. Get to know more about the locals there. Read about their traditional beliefs and modern way of life. You should also know other missionaries, especially those who have worked in the same area. Talking with other missionaries will help you know what to expect in the field. Round up the preparation with a prayer, asking God for mercies and protection as you begin the mission.

Preparing to become a missionary takes a personal effort as well as the goodwill of the organizations you plan to work with. The steps discussed above should help you obtain missionary accreditation easily and avoid potential pitfalls in the field.

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