Top 15 Christian Personal Finance Books

“Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.”
Found in Proverbs 13:11, this quotation is one of seemingly hundreds of examples of financial wisdom and advice found in the Bible. To capture this wisdom, a number of well-written and inspiring Christian personal finance books have been written over the years, the top 15 of which we’ve included here in alphabetical order.

Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom

Robert W. Katz

biblical roads to financial freedom personal finance books
In his book Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom, C.P.A. and Christian personal finance author Robert W. Katz acknowledges that money and wealth can be both a blessing and a curse. He guides his readers towards the former–including financial freedom–by explaining 10 biblical financial principles that are often ignored or forgotten about. Katz describes the ways Christians can follow these principles, and how doing so can bring both earthly prosperity and heavenly treasures.

Creating a Haven of Peace: When You’re Feeling Down, Finances are Flat, and Tempers are Rising

Joanne Fairchild Miller

creating a haven of peace personal finance books
Joanne Fairchild Miller’s personal finance book, Creating a Haven of Peace, is all about the importance of creating a sanctuary in your own home that is free of everyday stressors like financial instability. Miller argues against the idea that it is money that provides security, and uses the five senses as a blueprint for showing her readers how they too can create a peaceful and supportive, but also financially stable, home.

Debt-Proof Your Marriage: How to Achieve Financial Harmony

Mary Hunt

debt proof your marriage personal finance books
There are a number of reasons why marriages can implode, not least of which is financial trouble. Knowing this, author Mary Hunt wrote Debt-Proof Your Marriage, her bestselling Christian personal finance book. This highly practical book, which is designed to be paired with an interactive workbook, is chock-full of real-life advice that Hunt hopes can help couples build the foundation for financial harmony and debt-free living.

Freedom of Simplicity: Finding Harmony in a Complex World

Richard Foster

freedom of simplicity personal finance books
There’s a simple reason why Richard Foster’s Freedom of Simplicity has been such a long-time bestseller—it’s a “life changer.” Foster recognizes that in today’s culture of “me” and “more,” much can be lost in terms of Christian satisfaction and peace. Freedom of Simplicity will make its readers think twice about pursuing certain lifestyles and personal finance habits, and pursuing instead those ways to live that are much more satisfying.

How to Manage Your Money: An In-Depth Bible Study on Personal Finances

Larry Burkett

how to manage your money personal finance books
How to Manage Your Money is a long-time bestselling workbook by Christian personal finance author Larry Burkett. In this in-depth Bible study, Burkett challenges those Christians who have tried to manage their money apart from God’s plan. This will never work, Burkett insists. With this book, readers can follow Burkett’s step-by-step plan to get back on track toward financial freedom.

Master Your Money: A Step-By-Step Plan for Gaining and Enjoying Financial Freedom

Ron Blue

master your money personal finance books
Is there such a thing as “enough money?” How do you know if you have enough? In Master Your Money, author Ron Blue combines quotations from the Bible with his extensive experience in financial planning in order to guide readers towards financial freedom. Topics covered include avoiding common financial mistakes, creating a long-term financial plan, planning for retirement and an estate, saving and investing, and how to get out of debt, among much more.

Money Matters: Answers to Your Financial Questions

Larry Burkett

money matters personal finance books
Larry Burkett, one of the most successful Christian personal finance book authors, wrote his book Money Matters in order to help answer people’s many personal finance questions. This bestselling title answers common questions across a number of areas, including budgeting, saving for retirement, mortgages and car payments, debt and credit, insurance, and investments, to name but a few. Best of all, Burkett uses Biblical principles as a basis for his answers and guidance.

Money, Possessions, and Eternity

Randy Alcorn

money possessions eternity personal finance books
Many Christian personal finance books acknowledge biblical teachings about wealth, but what does the Bible actually say about money and financial planning? In this personal finance classic, author Randy Alcorn scours the Scriptures to answer exactly that question. He uses the Bible’s own teachings to challenge common ideas about income, wealth, resources, and possessions. The result is a straightforward and honest read about how Christians should marry oft-conflicting ideas about things like materialism, theology, debt, and stewardship.

Rich for Good: The How and Why of Wealth God’s Way

Jamie Jones

rich for good personal finance books
According to author Jamie Jones, Christians shouldn’t seek wealth for themselves, but for others. In Rich for Good, Jones tells the story of how she and her husband went from thousands of dollars in debt to becoming millionaires in their thirties. But Rich for Good is more than just an inspiring tale. Rather, Jones shares nine simple biblical principles that she found helpful, including the idea that Christians need to have financial wealth so that they can reach others for Christ and God’s glory.

The Root of Riches: What if Everything You Think You Know About Money is Wrong?

Chuck Bentley

root of riches personal finance books
While most personal finance books are full of get-rich schemes and goals tending towards the material, Chuck Bentley’s The Root of Riches takes a step back from all of that, and uses biblical teachings to illustrate solid financial practices. Most importantly, Bentley challenges the idea that “the more money you acquire, the richer you become.” He encourages his readers to see that true wealth may not be the mere accumulation of money.

Simple Money: A No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance

Tim Maurer

simple money personal finance books
Is personal finance actually more personal than it is finance? Author Tim Maurer thinks so! In fact, Maurer argues that so many people have financial difficulties because they don’t possess the confidence needed to be more hands-on with their money. In this incredibly practical Christian personal finance book, Maurer breaks down the basics of money management in order to show readers how to budget major expenses, reduce debt, establish an investment portfolio, plan for retirement, and navigate insurance options.

The Sound Mind Investing Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Your Money From a Biblical Perspective

Austin Pryor

sound mind investing personal finance books
You don’t need to be a math whiz or a Wall Street insider to find success with investing. In this easy-to-understand bestseller, author Austin Pryor uses laymen’s terms and helpful visual aids to describe how simple biblical principles can guide us towards investment opportunities and financial freedom. Pryor outlines everything from the six characteristics of investing, to navigating IRAs and 401(k)s, to choosing the right investments and mutual funds for any personal situation.

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Dave Ramsay

total money makeover personal finance books
Dave Ramsay is one of the go-to financial experts, and his book, The Total Money Makeover, might just be the grand-daddy of all personal finance books, Christian or otherwise. Through simple, straightforward writing, Ramsay guides his readers through realistic plans for paying off all debt (including that mortgage!), avoiding dangerous “money myths,” and securing hefty funds for emergencies and retirement. There’s even a helpful workbook!

The Treasure Principle: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving

Randy Alcorn

treasure principle personal finance books
Bestselling author Randy Alcorn’s Christian personal finance book, The Treasure Principle, is based upon Jesus’s teachings to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” According to Alcorn, the overwhelming majority of Christians do not practice this simple biblical perspective when it comes to material possessions. Though this book is one of the smallest of the group, its messages of joyful giving and material freedom pack a mighty punch.

Your Money Counts: The Biblical Guide to Earning, Spending, Saving, Investing, Giving, and Getting Out of Debt

Howard Dayton

your money counts personal finance books
Living in a material world with a volatile economy definitely comes with challenges: credit card debt, little to no savings, major downsizing, and perhaps even a dead-end job or no job at all. In his Christian personal finance book Your Money Counts, author Howard Dayton reminds Christians that the Bible is full of advice and wisdom about money and money management. Dayton uses these teachings as a blueprint to guide his readers through good, biblically-based personal finance habits.

TD Staff
February 2017