5 Great Books for Theology Majors

Future evangelists and Christian individuals alike could benefit from checking out these five great books for Theology Majors. Theology is an excellent subject for those who enjoy learning about different religions, cultures, and traditions around the world, and throughout history.

Those who major in theology tend to develop a great appreciation for all the differences and similarities involved in religious beliefs and practices. They also gain many diverse skills that can help them endure various career paths. The study of theology involves critical thinking, human relations, and the art of good communication. While there is an abundance of excellent Theology-related books out there, here are five excellent books for the theology major.

Evangelical Hermeneutics: The New Versus the Old

This book, which was written by Robert L. Thomas, focuses on how hermeneutical methods of today differ from those from the past. It highlights the views that were commonly held by most evangelicals many years ago, and compares them to the contemporary ideas of today. Hermeneutics are the theory and methodology of interpretation, (in this case the interpretation of biblical text) and how each person interprets the text in a different manner. It is a thought provoking book that is sure to be a great resource for anyone involved in evangelical studies today. While it looks at our modern way of thinking, the author of this book always keeps the ways of the Holy Bible front and center.

Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible

A good bible dictionary can be a theology student’s best friend, and this one written by Kevin Vanhoozer is a highly sought after resource for those who wish to gain more knowledge about the words in the Good Book. The Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible is not simply another dictionary, and that is why it has made the list of five great books for theology majors. It also features detailed information on important figures in the Bible, discusses popular theories, and explains various concepts in bible interpretation. It helps to untangle the complex maze of personalities, communities, and theories inside the Bible which can sometimes overshadow the primary goal of us interpreting the Holy Scripture.

Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church

This book written by the top-selling author and Angelican bishop, N.T. Wright, looks at the big question, “What happens after we die?” and it shows how many Christians tend to get the answer all wrong. As Wright states in the interesting novel, “we don’t ‘go to’ heaven; we are resurrected and heaven comes down to earth” which is very different from the way that we as Christians have been interpreting death all this time. This book is the perfect conversation starter and could be used as a viable resource for essays and reports. It is an excellent read for any believer in Christ and especially theology majors.

The Church: A Theological and Historical Account

This book has made the list of 5 great books for theology majors because it’s ideal for anyone who has ever wondered about the true meaning of the church and where it can be found in this modern age. The book is written by Gerald Bray who is a research professor of divinity, history and doctrine. This book addresses the questions that have been asked throughout the centuries such as “What is the Church?” and “How do different denominations understand what the creeds according to these terms?” it would make an interesting read for classroom study or as an essay topic. It would also be an excellent choice for anyone who has ever had the same questions about the church.

Summa Theologiae

This book is considered by many to be the most influential text in Christian history aside from the Bible. Written by Thomas Aquinas, the Summa Theologiae is not tied to any Biblical narrative and is very close to the Aristotelian philosophy. It is a highly recommended read for any informed theologian, but is also a great choice for students as well. The first-time reader may want to purchase an abridged version (such as the Summa of the Summa) which has been edited by Peter Kreeft. While the book may not be a page-turner, it is an essential text that any serious theology student should benefit from over the course of their education.

There are many exceptional books that cover the subject of theology. Some may be an opinion of a great theologian while others may serve as a reference guide for those interested in theological facts. This list of 5 great books for theology majors is just a sample of the many great works out there that can help you earn your degree.

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