5 Great Podcasts for Ministers

As a pastor, it’s always good to get some insight from others. Even if you’re still a student, you’ll want to look at podcasts that can inform your ministry. Below are five of those podcasts, each of which has something special to offer your congregation.

The Worst Youth Ministry Podcast

Generally listed among the best podcasts for youth ministers, this podcast fills a very important role in the pastoral world. It’s almost brutally real at time, which is incredibly helpful for those counseling the young. Definitely consider this podcast not just if you are a youth minister, but also for any minister who has a chance to work with kids and young adults. You’ll learn a lot from the honesty found here. Don’t skip this one just because it concerns youth ministry – it’s worth a listen for pastors who work with people of all ages.

The Briefing with Al Mohler

This podcast isn’t just about ministry, it’s about what is going on in the world and how those events tend to impact church life. This is a great podcast for those who want to get a handle on world events and an idea about how to tie them into upcoming sermons. While it’s point of view probably isn’t for everyone, it still works as a very valuable tool for ministers of all stripes. Definitely take a listen when you need to learn more about what’s going on in the world of ministry and beyond. While not a great substitute for the news, it’s still great to listen to as you’re working on a sermon.

Dogma Debate

This particular podcast is about as far from the world of ministry as you can get, so it’s actually a great tool for looking at the world from another perspective. A podcasts by and for atheists, it’s a show that will allow you to see how the other half lives. It also features some fairly lively debates on religion, which should give you plenty to work with in the future. This might not be a podcast for the faint of heart, but it’s always good to get some perspective. Don’t despair, though – this is a fairly friendly podcast compared to some of the others targeted at atheists.

The Moth

A storytelling show that’s been going on since 1997, this is a great tool for pastors who don’t know quite how to connect with an audience. It won’t teach you much about faith, but it will teach you how to tell a good story. This is a great podcast for those who want to make their sermons a bit more lively and learn a bit more about how to keep an audience engaged. The stories are usually great fun to listen to and they’ll teach you a great deal about how to present scripture.

Carey Nieuwhof

Sometimes, you also need perspective from those who have stood in your shoes before. This podcast is a wonderful resource that allows you to listen in on the conversations of some of America’s top Christian leaders. You’ll learn quite a bit not just about religion and the church, but a great deal about how to be an effective Christian leader. Definitely a great tool for ministers at any stage in their lives.

These podcasts can help you connect with your community, learn more about ministry, or just understand how to tell a good tale. Each of these shows will teach you not just about ministry, but about how you approach your role. If you can keep up with the podcasts, you can become a more effective minister.

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