5 iPad Apps for Ministers

The Information Age presents a large selection of iPad apps for ministers to manage many facets of life and ministry more easily and efficiently. Since those two things are so closely tied together, the iPad applications they use often serve multiple purposes. Whether used for ministry management, sermon-writing, or jut personal devotions, the iPad brings with it a host of applications that busy ministers can utilize to make every facet of life more manageable. Here are just a few.


Every minister should have and use an Evernote account. It allows for indexing of relevant online content and even helps ministers create databases for sermons, sermon illustrations, and relevant online content like blogs and homiletic aids that can help construct deeper, more compelling messages for the congregation. No more worrying about remembering details or anecdotes. Evernote captures and stores them indefinitely for quick reference.

Forbes magazine consistently rates Evernote as one of the top productivity apps in business. Since ministry is largely business, Evernote can also be used as a management tool, allowing users to create lists and databases that can be easily updated or moved to specific folders for easy recall.


For those who like the idea of being able to take handwritten notes, Penultimate is a great choice. What makes it even better is that it is part of Evernote and does an excellent job of expanding the capabilities of the Evernote app.

Ministers can use Penultimate to take notes at conferences or board/vestry meetings and allows a freer flow of ideas that can sometimes be stifled by having to type on a virtual keyboard. The combination of Penultimate and a good quality stylus will revolutionize the way ministers take and catalog notes and ideas.


Never lose another sermon or other important document again. Dropbox is the best and most versatile application for cloud-based document management. Dropbox syncs with any computer or device linked to it and provides simple file transfer and editing capabilities on the iPad. Files can be pulled up at any time on any device (even non-iOS devices).

This is a great resource for storing everything from sermon notes to form letter templates, allowing busy ministers to have a convenient mobile office wherever they go.

Logos Bible

Logos Bible puts the power of an entire biblical research library right on the iPad. This is a great app for exegetical work that is easier to use than Strong’s concordance (and in some ways more comprehensive). There is a free version that has great functionality, allowing users to read the Bible and do some in-depth lexical studies in Greek and Hebrew. The paid version syncs with your entire book library so you can quickly find good references and quotes that relate directly to the text being studied or preached.

The Bible App

The Bible App by YouVersion is one of the best Bible applications for any platform. Some ministers claim that it has actually replaced their paper Bibles just for its functionality and huge list of special features. It can create reading plans to keep your devotional life on track and even holds you accountable for doing (and not doing) your daily reading. It even includes audio versions of some very popular translations and, best of all, it’s 100 percent free. There are paid apps out there that don’t provide a fraction of the features.

These applications represent only a small list of iPad apps for ministers. All can help streamline the precesses of their everyday responsibilities. Taking the time to discover their capabilities and features can make the life of a busy minister much easier.

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