5 Jobs for Those with a Theology Degree

Many people study theology on a higher level to improve their career prospects and faith. A degree in theology prepares students for the real world. It teaches and empowers them to be leaders and read more. Those who study degrees can serve in the church and beyond. There are a lot of professional opportunities available. Here are five main career opportunities available for those who graduate with a degree in theology.


A degree program teaches people on how to research and enhance their biblical knowledge. They can use these skills to help others who are studying theology in colleges and universities. The most common theology programs are philosophy, the Bible, and religion. A degree graduate can also teach in high schools. A post-secondary tutor earns an average salary of $72,470. Most people begin as part-time lecturers before they gain experience and move to higher levels.


Graduates can become a ministers in churches, hospitals or relief agencies. Ministers provide spiritual leadership and assistance to people across all divides. They earn up to $48,910 per year. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in theology or a practicing certificate from a recognized institution to operate as ministers. However, these requirements may vary by state and institution. Those who are new to the ministry can work in departments such as music and worship to gain experience first.


Most people who study theology on a higher level aspire to be missionaries. Being a missionary requires a lot of traveling to different parts of the country to effect positive changes and preach the gospel within communities. A missionary is also involved in development activities such as building schools, hospitals and churches within the communities they serve. People who want to be missionaries often start by working under someone with experience to learn effective strategies and gain the skills required in the field.

Community Coordinator

Churches and other religious organizations do a lot of work in the community. They usually have strong outreach efforts to give back to the society and show compassion. Most of these churches and organizations require people who are well-trained in religious works to help them coordinate various activities. The coordinator oversees fundraising, writes grants and performs administrative tasks at the same time. In most occasions, aspiring coordinators begin as volunteers to gain experience before they apply for open positions. However, degree graduates are in high demand and might not go through a volunteer program to qualify for a job.


One can also apply for writing or reporting positions in media outlets. A religious reporter can write about a wide range of topics. The topics can be about personal development, political issues within the church and other events happening within the religion landscape. Those who aspire to be journalists usually end up in media outlets that have strong affiliations to the church. The salary of a religious journalist varies with the job position. The average annual pay for reporters in the United States is $46,720. One must have good writing skills in order to qualify for a journalism position. Journalists can write for websites, newspapers and institution magazines. In most cases, one will have to work under someone for months to gain the necessary skills.

In summary, one does not have to work in a church after graduating with a degree in theology. There are a variety of options, like the ones listed above. If you have already finished college with a degree in theology, or you are planning to graduate in the next few days, you can always apply for a job position in any non-profit organization, church and a media house or become a missionary.

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