The 10 Best Online Christian Counseling Bachelors Degree Programs


Online degrees now equal traditional degrees at most universities. Going to school online can also save students a ton of money off of the cost of their education. In many ways, Online Learning just makes sense. An Online Degree in Christian Counseling enables students to help people from a Christian perspective. This is similar to what Jesus did. He walked among the masses and taught while he helped. People need the Christian perspective as they go through difficult time. A Christian Counselor helps people repair their marriages, counsels people who struggle with addiction to drugs, and offers guidance to family and children. Is this the career you’ve dreamed of living? If so, these ten programs make that dream possible.

For a degree in Christian Counseling, the opportunities are rare. That adds immediate value to these programs. Online learning opens up the possibility for students from across the country to find a major that they want, especially if the degree is not available in their local area or even in their state. We’ve scoured the internet and found only ten universities with an online opportunity for students to major in Christian Counseling.

Methodology for generating this ranking:

We looked primarily at the cost of the program and then at the type of degree offered. Some are masters programs while others offer a unique opportunity for a bachelor’s program. We also considered other factors such as reputation and the availability of scholarships. Without further ado, the top ten online Christian Counseling Schools and Programs.

10. Dallas Baptist University

dallas-baptist-univDallas Baptist University offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts program in Psychology. The program is 120 units long and offers class options such as Integration of Psychology and Christianity. The cost of is $813 per credit hour or $97,560 for all 120 units. They do offer a list of classes that students can earn credit for by examination. Those include General Psychology and Human Growth & Development.

Expect to find a good sized list of scholarship opportunities at Dallas Baptist University such as their Christian Leadership Scholarship or their Academic Excellence Scholarship. In addition to the school-based scholarships, there are plenty of off-campus scholarships available too. The University also accepts credits from most other higher schools of learning.

Dallas Baptist University holds accreditation via the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on Colleges. This is a regionally accredited university.

9. Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas-Theological-SeminaryStudents who enroll in the Master’s of Arts in Bible Counseling through the Dallas Theological Seminary face a 90 unit program. Students can take 42 of those units online. Fortunately, the seminary offers 8 locations to continue classes. The Seminary offers full accreditation on a regional and national level. Students can transfer a maximum of 45 units into the program from other schools. Dallas Theological Seminary holds accreditation via the Southern Association of Colleges and School and the Commission on Accrediting of Association of Theological Schools. Tuition for Graduate student is $495 per unit for full time or $522 for those students enrolled in less than eight units per semester. This Master’s program costs upwards of $47,000. Dallas Theological Seminary offers quite a few high-award scholarships including four that are full-ride in value.

In addition to those there are the President’s Scholarship, which pays $10,000 over four semesters and a Washington Hall Scholarship which pays $5,000. There is even an Online Student Scholarship, which pays $1,000. They also have a very long list of scholarships that are non-school based.

8. Crown College


Crown College offers a 100 percent online Christian Counseling degree that offers a skill-based training component that is completely from a Christian point of view. This program also prepares students for a Master’s program in counseling. Minor fields include drug and alcohol specialty. The degree runs for 125-131 units. The fee for undergraduate degrees is $399 per unit or $52,269 for 131 units. There are a few school-based scholarships available at Crown College for online students. Those include a Military Scholarship, Alumni Referral Scholarship and a list of general scholarships that are non-school based.

Crown College holds accreditation via the Higher Leaning Commission via the Commission of North Central Association making this a regionally accredited university.

7. Bob Jones University


Bob Jones University offers a Master’s of Arts in Bible Counseling that takes students through old and new testaments. The degree is completely online. They also offer a bachelor’s program, in general, psychology. The cost for undergraduate classes is $370 per credit. Pluses include a low out-of-state tuition cost and a long list of scholarships available. There are some scholarships available at Bob Jones University. A few are an automatic consideration when students turn in a completed FAFSA, such as their Academic Excellence and Leadership Award. There are also department-based scholarships available too.

Overall, Bob Jones University offers a nice selection of scholarship opportunities for online students. Bob Jones University holds accreditation via the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools making this a nationally accredited university.

6. Liberty University


Liberty University offers a 120 credit Bachelors of Science in Psychology that focuses on Christian Counseling. The cost is $375 per unit or $45,000 for all 120 units. A positive is that Liberty also offers a long list of Master’s degree that can work with a bachelor’s in Christian Counseling, including Marriage & Family, addictions and recovery and Christian Ministries. The cost for a Graduate program is $580 per credit. There are scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduate students including military students.

Liberty University holds accreditation via the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College. Liberty holds a regional accreditation.

5. Grand Canyon University


Grand Canyon University offers a Master’s of Science in Christian Counseling that focuses the Christian faith with psychology and counseling. A specialty within the program allows students to focus on substance abuse, mental health, and marriage and family. The degree is 74 credits. Units cost $500 per unit for the 2015-2016 school year for online graduate courses. For all 74 units expect to pay around $37,000 plus other fees. The school offers a small list of scholarships for full-time students. In conjunction with campus-based scholarships, there is a very long list of outside scholarship opportunities for students.

Grand Canyon University holds accreditation from the Higher Leaning Commission. As a plus, they offer a Bachelor of Science in Counseling too

4. Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University offers a Master’s in Counseling that builds around a Christian framework of courses. The degree is 60 units and classes last about seven weeks. The degree takes about three years to complete, but students who push themselves can complete the degree in as little as 2.5 years. Upon completing the degree, the student can register and take the National Counselor Exam. Costs are $614 per unit or about $37,000 for 60 units. Colorado Christian University offers many high-award scholarships. There is the World Changers Scholarship, which offers full tuition for a max of eight semesters. New freshmen have their scholarship. Transfer students have the option to apply for a $10,000 Distinction Scholarship. Also, there is a long list of scholarships available to the school.

A plus is that Colorado Christian University offers a Bachelors program in Psychology, so students who need an undergraduate degree have options. Both degree programs are online.

Colorado Christian University’s Master’s in Counseling program holds accreditation via the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

3. The University of Northwestern — St. Paul


The University of Northwestern – St. Paul offers a Master’s of Arts in Human Services. The program combines the Christian faith with social science. It is a program for non-licensed human service careers. The program enables students to help people through complex situations by teaching about faith. Tuition runs $490 per unit with an estimated of $3,000 per semester for six units. The University of Northwestern – St. Paul offers accreditation via the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This University holds regional accreditation.

University of Northwestern – St. Paul offers some substantial scholarships, such as the Presidential Scholarship for $11,000. In fact, there is an entire list of scholarships available. Some like the Eagles Scholars Honor Scholarship combine with other awards to boost giving to $17,500, and it is renewable.

2. Oral Roberts University


Oral Roberts University offers a bachelor of science online degree in Christian caregiving and counseling. The program combines the roles of counseling with ministries and prepares students for jobs in the local church or church-related agencies. Students who graduate from the program can help people realize wellness through all three areas of human capacity — mind, body, and soul.

Tuition is $23,900 per year plus books. There are scholarships and grants available through the University. Oral Roberts University offers a scholarship for freshmen with the top award being $13,000. Transfer student awards top the $11,000 mark. Also, there is a long list of single scholarships that can help students with the cost of tuition.

The university holds accreditation via the Higher Learning Commission via the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. They also offer a Master’s in Arts in Christian Counseling, but the program is not online. The BS in Christian Caregiving and Counseling is also a predatory degree for the MA in Christian Counseling.

1. The Master’s College


The Master’s College offers an online degree. The College holds accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and College giving The Master’s College Regional Accreditation. The college is in California and offers a fully online Masters program in Bible Counseling that is 34 credits. Tuition is $400 per unit making the cost of this degree around $14,000 plus books. There are general undergraduate scholarships. Transfer students also have access to scholarships. The Financial Aid staff is known for handling financial aid matters quickly and with care. This University won the top spot because it offers a short program that is affordable. It also offers regional accreditation and a long history as a Christian School.